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February 2024
Earlier this month, we announced plans to extend our cloud computing capabilities to the edge with Akamai Generalized Edge Compute (Gecko). Designed to deliver powerful cloud computing on top of our existing worldwide edge network, Gecko enables you to provide a consistent experience for end users, devices, and data sources around the globe. Read more about it here.
LiveKit is a scalable, open-source WebRTC stack for streaming audio and video. This guide shows you how to use Docker Compose to install LiveKit on a Compute Instance, get started with a basic configuration, install OBS Studio locally, and set up an OBS stream with LiveKit.
Wazuh secures your cloud computing processes, containers, and Kubernetes pods, as well as your client computers and devices, offering unified extended detection and response (XDR) and security information and event management (SIEM) protection for endpoints and cloud workloads. Learn more about and how to install Wazuh with this guide.
GitOps is a paradigm that enables developers to manage infrastructure and code deployments end-to-end while using Git as the single source of truth. The second installment in our series connects GitOps principles with your cloud portability strategy.
This installment of our GitOps series explains three key elements for your GitOps strategy: declarative configuration management; deployment optimization; and selecting the right tools.
Our February developer community recap covers Akamai’s Virtual Private Cloud, a walkthrough for learning Kubernetes “the hard way,” a new infrastructure as code video series, and security and web performance content.
Open Source
This blog post explores the latest trends and benefits that can help your development team stay on top of their cloud strategy.
Techstrong Research polled its community of cloud, cloud-native, and infrastructure readers and viewers to take their pulse on cloud workload resilience.
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