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Custom recipes for your Linode


Use StackScripts to automatically configure new Linode instances using simple scripts. Create your own or browse the community StackScript library.

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Automatically customize your Linode deployments with StackScripts.

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Quick and Easy Customization

Find a StackScript, answer a few questions, and click to deploy. StackScripts run the first time your Linode instance is booted, allowing you to automatically customize the default Linux distribution.

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A Library of StackScripts

Customize your Linode with one of the many StackScripts in our library or discover a community-sourced script. They include everything from installing a Linode-optimized LAMP stack to configuring an IPsec VPN server.

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Create Your Own

Writing new StackScripts is simple. If you can’t find the right StackScript for your Linode, author your own using the StackScripts guide.

Additional Features

Manage StackScripts With the Linode API

StackScripts integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Control Access

Share your StackScripts with the Linode community or keep them private. With the Linode Manager Users and Grant permission system, you can even restrict who can use or edit your private StackScripts.

Configure Cluster Members

Automate cluster deployment and management. If your application architecture uses clusters, you can use StackScripts to configure slave members.

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