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Extend Cloud Computing to the Edge

Generalized Edge Compute (Gecko)

Build your edge-native applications on the world’s most distributed network.

Bringing the Power of Core Computing to the Edge

Generalized Edge Compute (Gecko) will enable you to build and deploy edge-native applications at the edge, targeting latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive usage.

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Reach More Users Across the Globe

Ensure cloud-native applications are seamlessly delivered everywhere your users or systems are to increase performance while decreasing costs.

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Optimize Cloud Computing Resources

Simplify app management and orchestration across the Akamai portfolio, leveraging our massive global network to minimize costs and risks for your workloads.

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Deliver a Better Experience for Edge-Native Apps

Optimize application behavior and performance based on location, scaling, and content requirements based on customer activity.

About Gecko

Gecko is a strategic initiative that extends our cloud computing capabilities to the edge. Designed to deliver powerful cloud computing on top of our existing worldwide edge network, Gecko enables you to provide a consistent experience for end users, devices, and sources of data around the globe.

Early customer pilots are distributed across sites in the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We will continue to share details about our fast-paced expansion plan and roadmap for 2024 and beyond.

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The Future of Gecko

Gecko is an essential component of cloud, networking, and container management to support edge-native distributed applications. Sign up for updates as new cloud computing resources and locations are deployed.

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