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Techstrong PulseMeter: Cloud Workload Resilience

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What's Inside

Techstrong Research polled its community of cloud, cloud-native, and infrastructure readers and viewers to take their pulse on cloud workload resilience. While there are multiple definitions of resilience, 33% of respondents defined resiliency as the ability to recover from failures, high loads, and cyberattacks while continuing to service workload requests during the recovery of failed components or services. 61% of respondents said cloud workload resilience is in the top three priorities for their organization.

Other survey questions included:

  • In what ways does cloud-native architecture improve the resiliency of workloads deployed in the cloud?
  • How important is improving the resiliency of cloud workloads for your organization in 2024?
  • Which of the following do you use to improve the resiliency of cloud workloads?
  • What factors in cloud-native (microservices) workloads increase resiliency?
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