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3 Key Elements for Your GitOps Strategy

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GitOps is a paradigm that enables developers to manage infrastructure and code deployments end-to-end while using Git as the single source of truth. This installment of our series explains three key elements to consider for your GitOps strategy: declarative configuration management; deployment optimization; and selecting the right tools.

What's Inside

GitOps has gained popularity in the cloud-native ecosystem, particularly in Kubernetes-based environments, where managing infrastructure as code is crucial. How you implement GitOps depends on your current architecture, whether you use push- or pull-based deployments and setting up the right tools.

In our GitOps strategy ebook you will learn:

  • a refresher on the core principles of GitOps;
  • how your deployment strategy affects your GitOps plan; and
  • why observability is a critical part of GitOps (and how observability differs from monitoring).
3 Key Elements for Your GitOps Strategy
Looking for an introduction to GitOps and GitOps principles? Download our Understanding GitOps guide.