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March 2024

Introducing NVMe Hardware and Expanded Capacity for Object Storage

Our high-capacity Object Storage offers a performance boost with new NVMe hardware and increased capacity.  Read more.
Featured Guides
Follow this guide to create a cost monitoring plan, review installation steps, and access and explore the Kubecost dashboard.
This guide explains how to use a forward proxy to enable public internet access for devices within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), how to secure the VPC using an Akamai Cloud Firewall, and provide applications with proxy access.
This guide covers installing Locust in the cloud, accessing the Locust web interface, and getting started using Locust for load testing using an example application.
Our high-capacity Object Storage offers a performance boost with new NVMe hardware and increased capacity.
Our latest core compute region in Madrid, ES is now generally available.
Learn the pros and cons of push and pull-based architecture when implementing an efficient GitOps strategy.
In our most recent developer recap, we discuss everything from a demo on how to launch a VPC with Akamai and Terraform to a guide comparing the advantages of push and pull architecture.
Top Shared
Find out how Elkjøp, the Nordics’ leading electronics retailer, thwarted a major Black Friday DDoS attack using Akamai and TrafficPeak to ensure customer and site stability.
Distributed cloud is an emerging paradigm that promises to revolutionize how enterprises deploy and manage their cloud resources.
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April 14-17

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