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Giannis Zachariadis - Pressidium

A WordPress Platform that Delivers on Availability, Performance, and Support

For any ecommerce business, slow websites and downtime translates into lost sales and lost revenue. 

The founders of Pressidium believe that companies doing business online should never have to face this problem. They started Pressidium with the realization that there was a gap in the hosting industry for reliable infrastructure at a reasonable price point.

Pressidium believes that businesses need high-speed websites with the capacity to scale when traffic spikes. The company focuses on hosting WordPress websites designed with these needs as the top priority. Rather than leave users to navigate complicated systems, the Pressidium team has crafted a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows clients to focus on growing their businesses instead of worrying about their websites.

“We saw in the hosting industry a huge gap between reliable architecture and what was available to small- and medium-sized websites,” said Pressidium co-founder Giannis Zachariadis. “With the ever-increasing importance of websites for businesses, we were becoming ever more aware of just how vital it was to host your site with a provider that could offer excellent uptime and support. Today, a wide range of businesses from digital agencies to universities and ecommerce retailers trust us to host their mission-critical websites.”

Pressidium Dashboard

A commitment to providing the best experience for its customers also stretches to tech support. Pressidium promises a service response for enterprise customers within five minutes, 24 hours a day, from a seasoned WordPress engineer. This support philosophy is the difference that has driven customers to Pressidium since the company started in 2014. And with a customer retention rate of nearly 98 percent, it’s clear that Pressidium is consistently delivering for its customers, some of whom have been partners since its earliest days. “I think the issue is just about solving their problems,” said Giannis. When a customer has a problem, they just need it to be solved, and we do just that.”

Pressidium is leading the way in continually empowering its customers’ growth with cutting-edge WordPress hosting solutions. Their innovative dashboard is one such example. It acts as a central point through which customers can control every aspect of their website hosting, which is especially useful when managing a portfolio of websites. 

Equally, considerable care and attention get directed to their underlying hosting architecture. “We are able to help customers who are running resource-intensive websites such as WooCommerce or LMS systems such as LearnDash succeed. Most hosts will pass the blame if issues arise with these types of WordPress sites, but we’ll invest time and effort in ensuring your website runs smoothly right from the start,” said Alex Newnham, Pressidium’s Director of Communications. “That provides a huge level of comfort and security for clients.”

Benchmarks Drive Decision to Choose Linode

Powering Pressidium’s customer service commitment and innovations is its partnership with Linode. Since the company began, Linode has served as its cloud service provider and empowered Pressidium to be the elite platform it has grown to today.

Alex Newnham

“We’ve developed a real relationship (with Linode). It’s gone far beyond the technical level now: We trust Linode. They’re a big game-changer, and their partnership with us is why we’re not changing hosting providers.” – Alex Newnham, Pressidium’s Director of Communications

Pressidium conducted a benchmarking study that led to its selection of Linode. The process compared compute instances of several public cloud providers, including Linode, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, and Vultr. Linode came out on top, making Pressidium’s selection an easy one. “Linode clearly gave us the best value for the money,” said Giannis.

Alex and Giannis said the stability and cost-effectiveness of Linode’s services allow Pressidium to provide greater reliability to their customers than would otherwise be possible. And as Linode continues to expand to new markets internationally, so will Pressidium as it continues providing industry-leading WordPress websites and elite customer service to its own customers.

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