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Managed Hosting


Deliver reliability and value to your customers while simplifying managed hosting management with predictable pricing, award-winning support, and a massively distributed network with global reach.


Cloud Computing Services

Our goal is to be a true partner to growing managed hosting businesses – not just another cloud provider. Access core cloud infrastructure tools to maximize performance and improve margins for managed WordPress, managed Drupal, and highly-customized architecture for high-traffic sites or complex workloads.



Pressidium compared compute instances of several public cloud providers, including Linode [now Akamai] and Vultr. Linode came out on top, making Pressidium’s selection an easy one. “Linode clearly gave us the best value for the money.”

Giannis Zachariadis, Co-Founder, Pressidium

Bring the Cloud Closer to Home

Set up your customers’ cloud resources in their region to reduce page load time. We negotiate our own connectivity partnerships to provide the most direct connections possible, resulting in better performance for customers.

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Get More Perks as a Linode Partner

  • Partner-specific pricing to to lower your operating costs
  • Flexibility to scale, move, and grow the way your business and customers need
  • Dedicated partner success manager in addition to 24/7 technical support

How Managed Hosting Providers Thrive
with Alternative Clouds

Leading hosting providers that outsource their infrastructure and global data center operations to alternative cloud providers discuss delivering digital experiences in the cloud with better ease and affordability while not being locked into long-term agreements and commitments. Watch the full webinar here.

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