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Akamai’s Cloud Computing Expansion in Madrid


Akamai’s scalable cloud computing solutions have an expanded presence in Europe with a new location in Madrid. Madrid is our 25th core compute region overall, and fifth in the region, where you can build, deploy, and scale your workloads on the most distributed cloud.

Europe continues to see significant growth for cloud customers looking for powerful, cost-effective resources that are strong alternatives to hyperscale providers. By making it easier for developers and businesses to select local region resources, workloads will better meet requirements for in-region data transfer and data sovereignty compliance.  We will continue to identify opportunities that allow us to scale with our customers in Europe with additional sites, new product availability, and capacity upgrades.

Getting Started

Madrid (es-mad) is available for production workloads with services including our new VPC service, Object Storage, and Premium CPU. You can deploy resources directly in the Cloud Manager or using our API documentation.
If you’re a new customer interested in trying Akamai cloud computing services, create an account or contact a cloud solutions expert for large workloads.


Learn about optimizing your application performance by location, review our the documentation here:

What’s Next: Cloud Computing Extends to the Edge

Our newest strategic initiative, announced last month, will bring the power of core cloud computing to the edge, with plans to launch new Generalized Edge Compute (or Gecko) sites by the end of 2024.

Gecko is designed to extend this capability to our edge points of presence (PoPs), bringing full-stack computing power to hundreds of previously hard-to-reach locations, helping developers and organizations bring applications closer to users to improve performance and reliability. Learn more from Akamai CEO Tom Leighton in his blog post on our greater cloud computing strategy.
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