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Advanced Cloud DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Linode’s global network is protected by advanced DDoS mitigation in all of our data centers, helping to fend off attacks on your infrastructure.  Free for all customers.

Graphic illustration of a server rack ensconced inside of a sphere.

DDoS Protection

The Linode Cloud automatically detects and mitigates distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on your infrastructure from large-volume traffic intended to make your service unavailable to legitimate users.

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Real-Time Network Protection

Detect, analyze, and block attacks on your infrastructure in real time. Attacks are blocked inline, then redistributed across Linode's global fiber backbone.

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Intelligent Threat Blocking

Rules are automatically created using machine learning from traffic across the global network to intelligently reroute malicious traffic during a DDoS event.

Illustration of multiple columns, two of which are being blocked from progressing to the top.

No Increased Latency

Keep good traffic and block the bad, with no increased latency and no routing of your traffic to a third party.

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Intercept a Range of Attack Methods

Protect your server applications from a range of DDOS attack methodologies including UDP, SYN, HTTP floods, and more.

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No Cost or Maintenance for Customers

Our always-on protection is fully automated and free to customers, adding another layer of protection to your infrastructure on the Linode network.


Technical Specifications

  • Always-on DDoS monitoring
  • Protected DDoS attack methodologies: UDP, SYN, HTTP floods
  • Available across all regions

Usage Specifications

  • None! DDoS protection is automatically enabled for all Linodes

"We’ve invested in the capacity and automation to mitigate DDoS attacks across our global network, giving our customers the protection they need to scale with confidence."

Dan Spataro

How it Works

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by flooding the target with different kinds of requests, overwhelming the server, and disconnecting legitimate users from necessary services.  Linode DDoS mitigates these kinds of attacks by providing always-on protection that is fully automated and free to customers, adding another layer of protection to your infrastructure on the Linode Cloud.


Step 1:
Always-on Monitoring

Always-on DDoS protection monitors for threats to the network

Step 2:
Real-time Mitigation

Threats are detected, analyzed, and blocked inline using machine learning

Step 3:
Adaptive Tuning

Rules are automatically created that keep good traffic while blocking the threat

Global DDoS Protection

High capacity protection against denial of service and web attacks.

Global view of Akamai Core, Distributed, and Edge locations.

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