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Get total control over your DNS records

DNS Manager

Linode’s DNS Manager is a comprehensive interface within the Linode Cloud Manager that gives you complete oversight of DNS records.

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DNS Manager

Simple, reliable DNS control that’s highly available and scalable.

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Importing Zones Is Easy

Is your website living on another cloud host's server? The DNS Manager will easily import zones from your current provider as-is. You only have to update your name servers to ours.

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Highly-Available Records

DNS records are served from Linode name servers all over the world. If one name server suffers an outage it will automatically failover to a redundant server. Because records are cached worldwide, DNS lookups are faster to return.

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Manage DNS Automatically

Simplify and automate the management of zones through the Linode Cloud Manager or the API.


Technical Specifications

  • High-availability DNS service
  • Supports all common record types: A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX
  • Anycasted to more than 250 locations worldwide
  • Supported AXFR domain transfer (View required AXFR IP addresses)
  • Availability: across all regions

Usage Specifications

  • Requires one active Linode on an account
  • SOA email address required to add a primary domain
  • Products supported for default records: Linodes and NodeBalancers

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Introduction to DNS Manager

Additional Features

Import Domains With AXFR

Easily import DNS records with AXFR. Migrate domains from another provider using zone transfers.

Clone DNS Records

Copy DNS records from an existing domain and quickly assign new domains to your Linodes.
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