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Upload, capture, and deploy custom images


Easily create, store, and deploy one image across multiple machines with Linode Custom Images.

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Use Linode Images to capture, store, and deploy your custom images across Linodes or data centers.

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From Your Local Machine to the Cloud

Create your own raw disk image and upload a compressed .gz image file (up to 5 GB) using the Cloud Manager or API to easily deploy to the Linode size and data center you need.

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Long-Term Image Storage

Linode Images are stored even if your account has no active Linodes. Store up to 25 images per account at $0.10 per month per GB of storage.

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Snapshot The Perfect Image

Reduce deployment time by capturing your golden image from an existing Linode and deploy an identical copy to any Linode on your account.

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Drag and Drop Uploads

Drag and drop a custom image into Cloud Manager to quickly and easily apply it to new or existing workloads.

Deployed parachute with a parcel suspended beneath.

Deploy Across Data Centers

Bootstrap worker instances in multiple regions. Linode Images allows you to deploy the same image across data centers.

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Introduction to Images and Backups

Simple Predictable Pricing

Monthly Images Storage by the GB

$ /mo

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