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Cloud services for universities facing challenges regarding IT infrastructure and for innovative companies seeking reliable infrastructure to host and scale their elearning platforms or tools.


Cloud Computing Services

Whether you need unique infrastructure for a project or you’re part of the team that keeps an institution online, scale with flexible cloud infrastructure without worrying about contracts or reserved instances. Transparent pricing makes it easy to access exactly what you need and when you need it.

Low-cost, no-cost add-ons



“Working with computational infrastructure and support became important to us because we had to have rapid access to data and all the things you need to be able to manage a project like this on such a rapid timeline. That’s why it has been really valuable to have Linode [now Akamai] helping us with that.”

Dr. Joe Ripberger, Deputy Director for Research at the National Center for Risk and Resilience

Higher Education and the Cloud

Cost-conscious universities are turning to cloud providers for infrastructure that keeps their institutions online and scales without worrying about contracts or unpredictable expenses. A recent webinar explored how colleges and universities balance legacy data storage, expand and reduce infrastructure overhead, and find more core infrastructure products and services. Watch the full webinar here.

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